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A Moon for the Misbegotten

by Eugene O'Neill

Presented by Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
Directed by Mary MacDonald Kerr

January 19 - February 4, 2024

I'll be playing Mike Hogan

In its first local professional production since 1995, O’Neill’s tragicomic masterpiece brings failed actor Jamie Tyrone back to the home of salty Irish farmer Phil Hogan and his daughter, Josie.  As Josie and Jamie strive to connect across years and heartbreaks in one final attempt to find peace and love, the comedy gives way to a deep exploration of the masks we wear to protect our hearts.


Cécile, or The School for Fathers

by Jean Anouilh

Presented by The Boulevard Theatre
Directed by David Flores

March 10 - 

I'll be playing The Chevalier

The household of widower Monsieur Orlas (Matt Specht) is topsy-turvy!  His lovely, young daughter Cécile (Sarah Donofrio) is courted by the dashing Chevalier (A.J. Magoon), much to Monsieur Orlas' chagrin.  Like any healthy, red-blooded Frenchman, the Chevalier also has eyes for Cécile's beautiful, vivacious governess Araminthe (Caitlin Kujawski Compton), much to Cécile's displeasure. But Monsieur Orlas is pursuing Armaminthe himself, forgetting that his old friend Monsieur Damiens (Michael Pocaro) is Araminthe's father and is just as leery of Monsieur Orlas as Monsieur Orlas is of the Chevalier!  Everything comes to a head in a moonlit garden where plans are laid, disguises donned, and true feelings revealed.  Battle of the sexes!  Battle of fathers!  Battle of wits! Will the clever governess Araminthe save the day, will love prevail for all, and will the ending of CECILE be happy?  Probably (this is a comedy, after all).  Ah, but how do we get there?  Only by joining our charming quintet in their delightful (and musical!) journey will the entire tale be revealed.

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